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The ordering process is simple, but each project is unique.

So, please do not hesitate to call or email us. 


This Page Explains the…


Ordering Process

How Much to Order?

Special Considerations


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Ordering Process…[remember there are no minimums] 

  1. Decide on your image or logo, also what, if any text you would like. Less is better…
  2. Email or mail us a photo or line drawing of the image, along with the desired text. This requires the one-time payment of the set-up fee before we begin any artwork.
  3. We will return a black and white line drawing (we prefer to do this via email) for you to review. This takes anywhere from 3-10 days. We will inform you of the lead time!
  4. Once you’ve approved the artwork via email, or signed and returned the actual copy, we will have a polymer die made. That is the only process we do not do in house, and it takes from 1-2 weeks to have that die delivered. At this time you will need to pay the 1/3 down payment of your total order. Once we have your payment and the die arrives, we will begin hand making your order.
  5. How long it takes to finish your order depends on the season, the quantity and the particular item you have chosen. We are accustomed to working within deadlines, so a target date and a hard deadline will be clear to both of us before the order is placed.
  6. When the order is completed, you will be billed for the remainder of the amount due. The order may be picked up at our pottery location or shipped Fed Ex – you choose! Shipping is 12% of the total order; that’s Fed Ex’s charge, not ours 🙂
  7. NOTE: Reorders usually take 3-6 weeks, again depending on the particular order.



Are you’re wondering how may to initially order? Leftovers eat away at your profits.

  • If you’re project is an ongoing fundraiser…we recommend to initially order what you’re fairly certain will sell because some people will more readily purchase  what’s in front of them. We all have the intention to ‘get one’ later, but never get around to it. We’ll work with you anyway you would like, but organizations typically do better overall by ordering a ‘safe’ amount, distributing them and then taking a hard count on any reorders. The initial pieces distributed do help sell  more.
  • If you’re project is a one-time sell or an annual festival…we recommend starting early so you can have one or more to distribute to a few good local public places for display. Make certain you also photograph and promote through ads or fliers. This should help you get a feel for the interest. Also consider possible prepay sign ups.
  • If your project is a local fundraiser for a historical society, organization or the like, having some on hand for purchase is always the best route. When your custom pottery stock gets low, simply reorder in comfortable amounts (depending on whether you will pick up or have them shipped).
  • NOTE: Some of the best fundraisers for Bujno Pottery have been annual or serial commemoratives, such as doing a different historical building each year for five years. We also offer numbering on the pottery, which adds to the interest and value.



Special Considerations….Both Steve and I have 25 years under our belt, and will walk you through the process…it really isn’t difficult and we’re only a phone call or email away!  But here are some special considerations and words of wisdom from the experience we have in producing handmade custom stoneware!

  • It’s obvious, but starting a conversation with us on your upcoming project is better done sooner than later. So even if your event or sale is a year away, let’s at least get through the artwork stage and have some target date on when the pottery is needed.
  • Start with a good clear photo or better yet, a line drawing. Steve can only create the artwork from what you provide, so wanting a tree removed that covers half of the building doesn’t reveal what detail lies behind it…plus we like trees in the image 🙂
  • Note that two lines close together usually will appear as one bold line. And keep in mind that we can only emboss lines. Shading looks really nice in a pencil sketch, but it will only reproduce as a solid area of color when embossed.
  • Try to have your vision thought out prior to the artwork stage. Revisions are always possible, but there will be an extra charge for any changes after the drawing is completed. And if it is after the die has been made, that will result in an additional die charge, and probably add 1-2 weeks to the lead time on the project.
  • Again, do not hesitate to bounce an idea or possible artwork off of us for an opinion. We will make all of our recommendations clear from the outset. Our experience is to help you and make your project a success.


For information call or email and ask for Tina.